Since 1971, Themed Concepts’ management team has been involved in the theming industry,  installing projects all over the world. We started our specialty-construction careers by using the Bomanite© technology; a cutting-edge innovation in the early 1970’s that created stamped and colored concrete flat-work with patterns that were capable of simulating real stone and brick. In the process of mastering that technology, our team developed plastic imprinting tools that applied texture, in addition to color and pattern, to decorative concrete flat-work.


In 1976, as the Minnesota Zoo was being constructed, they were searching for ways to create exhibits with more realistic environments involving simulated rocks and trees. Intrigued by the request, our team developed, manufactured and installed what is believed to be the first installation of GFRC (glass-fiber-reinforced-concrete) rock-work in the world for this project using our own developed system for forming and application. Since the successful completion of that first GFRC installation, we began installing artificial rocks and trees all over the world – in zoos, amusement parks, hotel & resorts, restaurants and malls.

Naturally, our theming expertise led us into the imaginative world of playgrounds, and we created our first play site in the City of Edina, Minnesota. Even ten years later, while other playgrounds are broken, faded or simply out-dated, this playground is consistently busy, keeping its participants physically and mentally active and eager to play and imagine!  Since then, we have designed and built literally thousands of themed play features, becoming experts at playground safety guidelines and requirements.


The design team at Themed Concepts believes that anything is possible. If it can be imagined, it can be built. We have designed and built playgrounds with everything from pirate ships to dinosaurs, fairy tale castles to tree houses – and everything in between. Themed Concepts continues to lead the industry with new innovations and time-tested results. See some of our amazing creations yourself!

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