Custom Sculpting and Texturing with GFRC

It’s what we’re know for! Wheter it’s a specific woodgrain, a vintage cobblestone street, or a limestone waterfall; our sculpting and texture work is the best. with the addition of shadows and highlights added by our custom airbrush artists, you can rest easy knowing you’re working with the most talented professionals in the business

Aquatic Theming

At Themed Concepts, we have a long tradition in Water Parks and Aquariums. We’ve installed many custom aquatic environments and have worked on some of the most stunning Water Parks and Aquariums

Custom Metal Fabrication

When it comes to creating dynamic environments using metal fabrication, Themed Concepts is second to none. Using only the most skilled welders and metal artisans, our team is capable of creating any theme using a number of different metals; from heacy, industrial-gauge plates to fine and delicate designs, we’re happy to create a solution for your next project.

Custom Cargo Net Designs

Beginning with our signature net barriers created over 20 years ago, our expertise in cargo net design has been honed over the years to include custom bird nest climbers and giant spider webs. The sky is the limit, and we can build a net climber to get you there

Miniature Scale Models

For those projects that require something extra! Our Art department at Themed Concepts is highly skilled in clay modeling; capable of producing jaw-dropping examples of your project proposals. Call your representative today to discuss options for modeling your themed play site

Creative Ways to Incorporate Play

Want to climb into a barn loft on the backs of farm animals? No problem. Slide down the paw of a petrified saber-toothed tiger? We can do that. No matter the environment, the designers at Themed Concepts will design creative play into your site with style!

Attention to Detail

Sometimes it’s the small additions and pops of detail that make the environment come alive! At Themed Concepts, we know how to add just the right amount of extra attention and detail to make your site a success.

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