Project of the Month: Exeter, NH

The City of Exeter decided to upgrade

to something more “Whimsical”

The City of Exeter needed to replace an existing aging playground with something new. With a budget of under $80,000 for the play features alone – they were hoping to find something different and within their budget. Themed Concepts came in with a big Wow-Factor while still keeping the project on budget. This playground was designed with a fun Nature Theme for kids between the ages of 2-12. There is something for everyone – and this whimsical playground has become a true destination.

Our Rock N’ Rope Line is both

fun and affordable – #Win/Win

The City of Exeter decided to add a fun Rock N’ Rope feature along with a few other pieces to create a unique obstacle course. The rock play features are constructed from glass-fiber reinforced concrete, molded from real rocks and air-brushed for a highly realistic rock finish. A little raccoon peeking out from the rocks adds an unexpected surprise. Kids just think they are fun to climb.

Versatile Play for an Affordable Price

The unique tree house tower has multiple climbers and slides – all nature themed with logs, acorns, tree bark and ADA-compliant. The Rock N’ Rope climber with nets and the other log and acorn features create a nature obstacle course – for endless ways to play for all ages. When you want something different, call us for a quote – you’ll be surprised how affordable themed play can be!

Hidden Animals throughout the playground make a fun “I Spy” Game and add a pop of color!

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